France v Uruguay thoughts

For a scoreless tie, this was a very entertaining game.

1.  In some ways, a similar story to Mexico and South Africa: France had the ball significantly more in the attacking third, but didn’t really generate that many clear scoring opportunities.  Uruguay, on the other hand, had a few, including one for striker Diego Forlan in the 70th minute or so that he probably buries 75% of the time.

2.  Uruguay’s defense played well and was well organized, as was France’s.

3.  The red card in the 75th minute to Lozeiro looked debatable to me, but I think the refs have been instructed to give red cards if the tackle looks like it is dangerous.  Lots of people wanted Lozeiro, who is 21, to be the starting playmaker in center midfield, but instead he came on as a sub and earned the red card.  Unfortunate, because he was a player I was looking forward to seeing play.

4.  I was surprised to see Anelka substituted.  France defender Bacary Sagna crosses to Anelka’s head looked to me to be the most dangerous option France had.

5.  Uruguay did not do a very good job of getting forward in transition when they gained possession.   Frequently they chose possession of the ball in their defensive third rather than attacking with numbers.  Especially in the first half, Diego Forlan had to drop back in order to get touches.

6.  That should’ve been Ireland playing Uruguay today.

7.  It wasn’t long ago that Franck Ribery was talked about as a candidate for best player in the world.  In the past 6 months, you haven’t heard much of that.


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