Marco Rodriguez and Tim Cahill

Mexican referee Marco Rodriguez’ decision to give Australian Tim Cahill a red card was…unjust.

It wasn’t outside of the realm of possibility.  He did foul him, and it wasn’t from the front.  Even so, I doubt most give that a direct red card.  In my opinion, there were about 3 English tackles yesterday that were more dangerous.   It wasn’t a particularly hard challenge, his studs were down, it wasn’t in a particularly dangerous area, and it appeared that Cahill stumbled going into the challenge.   Cahill’s shocked face wasn’t an act either.

It’s quite a shame for the Aussies, as Cahill is their best player.  Losing to Germany, even badly, isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker.  But losing the Fulham star makes it hard to even imagine Australia advancing now in one of the World Cup’s toughest groups.


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