Halftime: Brazil 0, North Korea 0.


As I sat down to write this, I realized: it is possible to choose a better Brazilian team than the one starting against North Korea even if you exclude all the people on the field.

That is, if you give me Brazil’s bench and the Brazilians not on the national team’s roster, I think I could make a team that would beat Brazil’s starting 11 more often than they lose.

Let’s make it even harder: restrict me to only being able to choose defenders from Brazil’s bench, and the rest have to be players Dunga didn’t select for the 23 man roster.  I could still beat Brazil’s starting 11.

Not only does Dunga make Brazil play ugly, boring Italian-style football, but he hasn’t picked nearly the best starting 11.  Wow.

The crazy thing is that even with Dunga as manager, there is a reasonable chance that Brazil wins the World Cup.


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