I flip coins slightly above average

If you look back at yesterday’s predictions, I did ok. Uruguay won by a goal, like I said. Argentina won 2-0, like I predicted, South Africa beat France 2-1, although if I’d known that Domenech was going to refuse to play Evra and do stupid things just to be spiteful, I might’ve changed my mind. Even so, S. Africa and France was the game that didn’t really matter. I predicted a 2-0 Nigeria win, which was correct except South Korea scored 2 goals to tie it and advance.

To be honest, those were all rather easy. Tomorrow’s games are harder.

England Slovenia. There’s no way you can pick anything other than a British victory, even after dissension in the England’s camp, right? I can’t, England 3 Slovenia 1.

US Algeria. I’m an American. I don’t feel great about this game, but there’s no way I can fail to pick an American victory. Just can’t do it. I see weaknesses in the American team, I also know that one of Algeria’s best players is playing his first World Cup game after being suspended, but I have to pick an American victory. Probably just by a goal, they never make it easy on me. A ton of variance in football and we have a long way to go in improving, though we are a better side than Algeria, so I predict a US victory.

A purely hypothetical exercise is whether the US would be smarter to finish 1st or 2nd. Probably first, because Germany probably finishes first or doesn’t advance to the next round. However, while avoiding Germany is nice, Ghana and Serbia are better teams than most give credit. I’d rather play Ghana, as they are the weakest team and it’d be nice to avenge the 2006 loss, However, finishing 2nd maximizes US chances to play Ghana….

Ghana Germany. germany better side, germany 2, ghana 0.
australia serbia. serbia better side, serbia 1, aussies 0.

let’s see if finally some non-card happy refs are assigned to group d tomorrow? The group D games to this point have been decided by red cards.


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