Today’s World Cup recap

1. Portugal piles on the goals like an unsportsmanlike but very intelligent team. Tuesday morning QB would be upset. However, now Ivory Coast has to destroy North Korea (which will probably defend against another blowout as if their lives depend on it…because they do. Much like they stopped defending against Portugal because they wanted to attack as if their lives depend on it. A shame, because that team showed a ton of heart against Brazil.). But not only must Ivory Coast destroy Korea, it has to hope that Brazil beats Portugal…by a few goals. And, because of Keita is an idiot, Brazil may not even have Kaka to help them beat Portugal by a margin.

2. Chile wins, essentially giving them 1st place in their division and setting up an excellent second round game, probably against Brazil. woot

3. Spain wins, knocking Honduras out unofficially. I am disappointed, because Honduras is CONCACAF and has had a rough last year. Vamos Hondurenos!


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