World Cup 2030 should be in Uruguay and Argentina

Just something I realized just now: we are getting not too far away from choosing the host of the 2030 Copa Mundial, the 100th anniversary of the first World Cup. Or at least, it’s close enough that the people involved should start planning it.

Interestingly, there were 6 bids to be hosts for the original World Cup in 1930, but all 5 contenders dropped out, except for Uruguay.

2014: Brazil
2018 is strongly rumored to be England, and if not England then European
2022 is probably the US*, with outside shots for Australia some of the countries listed below
2026 us/australia/spain&portugal/belgium&holland/china, depending on 2022
2030 Uruguay/Argentina**

FIFA supposedly looks down on dual country bids after Japan/Korea in 2002, which is why I figure the Spain/Portugal and the Belgium/Holland bids are unlikely to go anywhere. Yet, I think Uruguay and Argentina are a little different. Uruguay is just probably too small to be considered for sole hosting as it has . Given that Argentina and Uruguay essentially share Rioplatense culture and Carlos Gardel***, a combined bid makes alot of sense. Plus, it will probably not require massive new stadium construction.

The Olympics did something silly: rather than hold the 100th anniversary in Greece, or even the 2000 Olympics, they gave the original hosts the…108th anniversary. Let’s hope FIFA doesn’t make the same mistake, though given FIFA’s history, I wouldn’t be so sure.

* The idea of the US hosting again seemed a little soon to me….except that the US holds the alltime attendance record, despite having only a 24 team field, compared to the 32 country field of recent World Cups.

** Most economic studies seem to indicate that hosting major sporting events is an economic negative.

*** Something of an inside joke.


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