Jorge Larrionda strikes again!

Do we have a new worst call of the World Cup? Yes, Virginia, perhaps we do. England gets victimized by error-prone ref Jorge Larrionda.

In case that link dies, here’s another:

I really don’t understand why Jorge Larrionda continues to get games from FIFA. And yes, certainly his linesman share quite a bit of the blame. But before the replay, I was screaming, “goooooal, wait…what? No way that wasn’t a goal.” How the refs could miss that is beyond me. As the guy just said on Argentine TV “To not call that a goal, it’s not that the refs don’t know anything about reffing. It’s that they don’t know anything about football.”

It goes without saying that that call massively changed the course of the game. With a correct call, it’s 2-2 and Germany is going to find it significantly more difficult to score 2 counter-attack goals to end the game 4-1. One of the least deserving 4-1 results I’ve seen in awhile.


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