Germany 4 Argentina 0

1. Football is a high variance game, there is lots of luck in any particular result. In particular, this was not really a 4-0 game, more like 2-0. The result is misleading as a result of late counterattack goals. And obviously the first game changed everything.

2. Without checking, I imagine that Mueller (first goal, set up second goal) or Klose (two goals) was man of the match, but in my opinion Bastian Schweinsteiger was the man of the match. He really did everything that could have been done, from defending Leo Messi to playmaking to leaving the 3rd goal on the doorstep for the goalscorer.

3. Germany is without doubt a challenging matchup for Argentina. They defend and counterattack. They use their height to score on set pieces. They play tactically and adjust to their opponents. Joachim Low is a solid tactician. Maradona does not adjust, in fact, he probably does not even believe in adjusting to opponents.

4. Argentina really created very few scoring opportunities. Ton of luck in football, first goal is huge, blah blah blah. Whose fault is that? Maradona, Diego. How can you have the best players in the world and yet create so little offensively? It has to be the fault of the offensive scheme. After every game, I had pretty much been saying that Argentina did not impress. What happened today against Germany could have happened against Mexico.

5. Angel Di Maria. In my team, he only enters the game as a supersub when we are behind for playing balls over the top or if there is a specific tactical reason. He was pretty much a disaster in every game for Argentina, yet he kept starting. Absolutely inexplicable, except when you consider who the manager is. In that tactical system, he was a disaster, exactly like I predicted. Real Madrid just bought him for 30 million euros. He is still young, but I would be pretty surprised if he makes a name for himself

6. Argentina never changed anything tactically in that game. They played exactly like Germany expected and desired.


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