About Football Polemics

I thought about naming this blog “A Yank in South America watching football.”  That didn’t seem very pithy though.

I watch alot of football.  I mainly watch the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, but I live in Argentina so I also watch a fair amount of the Argentine Primera Division.   I watch pretty much every Champions League match, and I occasionally catch a game from Serie A in Italy or almost anywhere else.

Not all my club loyalties make a ton of sense, but such is life as aside from Argentina, I’ve never lived in these places.  I count myself as a big Boca Juniors, Fulham, Barcelona, and Arsenal fan.   After that list, there is no doubt, I like attacking football.   I also like clubs that employ Americans.

So I’ll post my thoughts on matches, maybe a link to where you can watch them online, rant about Alex Ferguson, complain about the fake Ronaldo’s diving habits, etc.  I also plan to post about statistic aspects of the game, but we shall see.

My dream in life is that a private equity fund gives me $100M to turn into a $1B club using sabermetrics and statistical analysis.  I think the stats revolution is coming to football, the question is whether someone wants to get rich off of it.


One Response to About Football Polemics

  1. This is my first time on the site and I must admit, I like. Nice to see a Yank expat who knows his sh**. Keep up the good work.

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