Bayern Munich v Lyon thoughts

April 21, 2010

For a game that was 0-0 for 70 minutes, I thought those were a very entertaining 70 minutes.  Honestly after Arjen Robben’s goal the excitement level declined into a World War I trenches combat.

Rooting loyalties: no Americans playing, no attachment to either team.  An Argentine on each side (Lisandro Lopez for Lyon and DiMichelis for Bayern) and a couple Dutch for Bayern (Arjen Robben and manager Louis Van Gaal).  All in all I was pretty neutral but rooting for Lisandro Lopez to score.

1.  The game was the same 11 on 11, 11 on 10 (Lyon advantage), and 10 v 10.  Bayern dominated, attacking at will and creating numerous chances.   Sounds like they must be a Dutch-coached team.  In the first third of the game particularly, they were attacking down the wings with their primary weapons, Robben and Ribery.

2.  The referee redcarded Franck Ribery for a challenge on Lisandro Lopez.  The Argentine announcers were saying, “well, he’ll get a yellow card for this” and were pretty surprised when he got a red.  They came around a little bit more watching it in slow motion, but…imo, this was not a red card.  Watching it in slow motion, although it looked bad, made me even less sure that it was a red card because Ribery tried to avoid putting his foot down.  It was a dangerous challenge, but it wasn’t a stomp on the ankle.  As I watched it in slow motion while the Argentine announcers were convincing themselves that maybe sorta possibly it could be a red, I wrote down on my notepad, “Lisandro will be back in the game within 3 minutes.”  I was right.  The Bayern fans had pretty impressive whistling for 5-10 minutes aftewards.

3.  Ouch for Ribery, going out after 35 minutes in a time when he is in a furor over visiting a prostitute who was apparently 16 and then 17…and not just visiting her but also flying her out to Germany.  He apparently faces the possibility of 3 years in jail.

4.  Gotta be frustrating for Lopez who wants a chance to show his class for Maradona.  He didn’t get alot of service and besides drawing the red card, had a relatively eventless game.  It’s amazing how a guy can score almost 30 goals in almost 30 games last year and still not get alot of mention in his home country.  That’s how much attacking talent Argentina has these days.

5.  Van Gaal has Bayern playing well, but no way Klose misses one of the aerial chances that Muller missed.    Bayern was pretty profligate.

6.  Bayern’s well deserved mark on the scoresheet was a Robben strike where he dribbled in from the right, created a little space and fired.  Two players, one from Lyon and one from Bayern ducked and had the ball fly over them.  The goalie started moving the opposite way and thus didn’t make it to the ball, which was hardly in the corner of the net.  My wife could not believe the players ducking.  I have no idea what was going through his mind.


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