Am I back? Arsenal vs Chelsea

December 27, 2010

After Holland lost in the final, I just haven’t had much desire to write about football. WordPress doesn’t offer detailed traffic reports, but I’m surprised by how many page views I’ve had in the last few months.

I actually have some posts written about the World Cup, but it is unlikely that anyone cares about them at this point in time. Heck, even after it was over, people might not have cared.

The reason I remembered this blog is because today Arsenal plays Chelsea. It’s a pretty big game in terms of seeing who will test Manchester United for the title. Despite ManU not really looking like a great team, they still haven’t lost. They have a ton of ties, but somehow have avoided losses…even with Rooney having only a single goal (off a penalty kick, if I recall correctly, so he really has zero goals that are due to him) in the Premiership.

Chelsea should have run away with the title but a few key injuries and some horrific form of late have seen them drop. I think they’ve taken like 2 out of the last 18 possible points? Crazy.


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