Argentina Mexico report

June 29, 2010

1. By now, everyone knows Carlos Tevez was offside. It was a pretty massive error in a goal that came clearly against the run of play. At that point, Mexico (Salcido) had hit the cross bar and (Guardado?) had a banana shot headed directly into the goal, only to swerve out at the very last second, maybe kissing the post as it did. Argentina was quite fortunate to have the game at 0-0.

Not as big an error as England’s goal against Germany, in my opinion, but pretty grave. The linesman got caught game-watching while out of position. As far as offsides calls go, this one wasn’t close to the hardest. Linesman are usually prepared to put up their flag when the goalie is out of the net, because they know offsides is much more likely.

2. Any goal is crucial, but especially the first goal. It changed the course of the game. Not many countries can beat Argentina when they suffer a misfortune that big. Adding insult to injury was watching Tevez’ offside score on the jumbotrons in the stadium. That certainly might have affected the huge error that gave Argentina their two goal lead.

3. I thought the Mexicans were pretty classy given what they suffered.

4. Great goal from Tevez. El Chicharito’s goal for Mexico was pretty stunning as well, equally for the turn on DiMichelis as for the finish. I think he showed himself well this World Cup, and Alex Ferguson is grinning inside for buying Javier Hernandez for a mere 10 million. Price would’ve been higher now.

5. I didn’t like the Veron for Tevez substitution. Tevez always seems to play better when he is involved in the flow of the game. He had been backtracking and winning balls in the midfield, belying Argentina’s supposed formation. Pulling him out for Veron was one of the factors that led Mexico to dominate the last 30+ minutes of play. That doesn’t matter too much when you’re up 3-0, but is the sort of thing that can bite you in a closer match.


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