Tim Howard, Porto and a (further) Redemption

June 16, 2010

I didn’t see many people note that Tim Howard could probably identify very strongly with England goalie Robert Green.

Manchester United bought Tim Howard in 2003, and was named best goalie in the English Premier League for 2004. However, this gaffe in March 04 Champions League caused him to eventually lose his spot.

Howard has certainly shown up Alex Ferguson for dumping him so quickly in 2004 with his Everton performances and his Confederations Cup and World Cup showings.

Interesting thought though: if Howard hadn’t made the error, it is highly unlikely that Jose Mourinho (Porto’s then-manager) takes the same route to being considered one of the best managers in the world…if he ever arrives.


Nigeria’s goalkeper:Vincent Enyeama

June 13, 2010

One thing I meant to note in my post below, but forgot: while Nigeria goalie Vincent Enyeama deserved to be Man of the Match (as did USA netminder Tim Howard), Enyeama made all his saves as a result of  cheating far post.  Strangely, I have not seen this commented on anywhere.

It worked!  I have personally noted that Leo Messi will almost always go far post if he is shooting, and perhaps Enyeama picked up on this from watching video.  However, if Enyeama keeps leaning far post, someone is going to notice and fire in an easy one on the near post.

Enyeama made some fantastically athletic saves, no matter how you look at it.

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